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Welcome to our website Gulet crystal, where we offer high-quality crystal glass art from Bohemia.

 At the time of rapidly evolving technologies, we like to point out a unique art, handcrafted and created by human talent. Czech crystal glass is an important concept in the world of applied arts for many reasons. The long tradition of this craft in Czech history has brought not only many technological inventions but also novel artistic approaches to well-known techniques.

 On our E-shop page, you can get acquainted with the modern and traditional crystal made by the best designers and glassmakers in the Czech Republic. It is an honor for us to enhance your interior and give you the perfection of the highest quality and beauty.

 In our collection, which comes from glass factory Caesar crystal you can find layered crystal glass wine goblets and champagne flutes, the worldwide known and stylish Roman glasses, crystal bowls, vases, whiskey sets, perfume bottles and also urns. On our website, we gladly offer you a perfect service, tempting discounts and free shipping within the Benelux countries.

 After a thorough inspection, each product receives a label and a certificate as proof of its highest quality. We also pay attention to the manner of your crystal glass packaging to ensure the highest protection. Each piece is packed in silk paper and placed into the original box, which is embedded in a transport box with damping protection. In the case of goblets and precious goods, each box is enriched with sateen. Fragile and heavier goods are protected by the two-layer cardboard box.


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