Bohemia Crystal Decorations

Since ancient times, we have associated our home primarily with safety and comfort. Our home gives us some assurance that we belong somewhere, that we have a place to return to. For an even better feeling, we enhance and complement this place with appropriate decorations. We also think about this inseparable part of our lives and that is why we bring you crystal decorations not only for you but also as an original gift for your loved ones. We are really pleased to be able to offer you bohemia crystal decorations.

Are you searching for a wedding or birthday gift?  Nothing original coming to your mind?  Want something unique?

All our prices are excluding VAT. After applying your delivery address amount of VAT and for shipping will be added automatically. Please contact us before placing an order in case of a backorder. We have many crystalware on our stock but if your chosen product isn’t currently available, production can take from 2 weeks up to 3 months. We can provide all the necessary information linked to the product up to 24h. Production is also very flexible according to color, size, and shape and you have space to place backorder based on your inquire.

Crystal candlestick Ara 165mm

Bohemia crystal candlestick Ara 165mm

layered crystal

– Best selling product –
105 EUR


Crystal Shell Sakura marine 280mm

Bohemia crystal shell Sakura marine 280mm

layered crystal with sandblasting

– Latest product –
399 EUR

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