Bohemia crystal glassware

  Welcome to our online store providing high-quality crystal glassware from glassworks Caesar crystal. Here you can find a professional imprint of several centuries of tradition passing down from masters to students. All bohemia crystal glass products are designed by professional architects and handmade by talented glassmakers. Each step in production requires high skills and so far, no technological possibility has been discovered for the production of our glass.

 The shade of glass is achieved using natural oxides according to our recipe. Therefore, our products are absolutely original and hardly comparable to the competition. We are appropriately proud of this fact and we are delighted to offer you a true glass gem. Make your life more beautiful, noble, outstanding, and get the very best from our bohemia crystal glassware store.

All our prices are excluding VAT. After applying your delivery address amount of VAT and the price for shipping will be added automatically. Please contact us before placing an order in case of a backorder. We have many glassware on our stock but if your chosen product isn’t currently available, production can take from 2 weeks up to 3 months. We can provide all the necessary information linked to the product up to 24h. Production is also very flexible according to color, size, and shape and you have space to place backorder based on your inquire.

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Price increase is coming

Dear customers, as of the 1st of February 2021 we will increase our prices by 8% on all colored crystals and by 20% on our clear crystal.

Don't hesitate to place an order till that date for still lower prices!!!