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Crystal Bowls

 Are you searching for decorative accessory ? Do you like the highlight beauty of  your interior because you simply love your home ? Our crystal bowls can find place on your table, chest of drawers, on the kitchen unit. Or wherever for a perfect visual experience and practical use.

Are you searching for wedding or birthday gift ? Nothing original coming to your mind ? Want something unique ?

You haven’t found the right size, colour or shape of the crystal you have chosen, or the product isn’t on our stock right now? Please don’t hasitate to contact us for the availability on external store. If there is no such product even on external store, then production and delivery can take from one up to three months. All necessary details we will gladly provide as soon as possible to your email.

Crystal Bowl Neron

– Best selling product –
185 EUR

The blending of solid lines with rounded cuts makes the Neron bowl definitely suitable for any type of interior.

Crystal Bowl Mirage

– Latest product –
125 EUR

Crystal Bowl Mirage is the latest offer in our collection. Inverted colors in mirrored design makes this bowl fasctinating and very stylish.

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