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Crystal Glasses

Are you prefering the brand and distinctive style ? Our noble crystal glasses represent the imprint of tradition. You’ll find exactly what excellent wine and great champagne deserves.  Layered or sand-blasted crystal glass it’s for your stylish furniture simply the right thing. Glasses are made by mastering handcraft over the years of experience. Each piece is original and same as the other in set. That’s the art of our tradition. Multicolored sets are speciality of our glassmakers. You’ll admire wordly known Roman, wine or champagne glasses in six colors. Each piece requires strong skills and several checkings.

Are you searching for wedding or birthday gift ? Nothing original coming to your mind ? Want something unique ?

You haven’t found the right size, colour or shape of the crystal you have chosen, or the product isn’t on our stock right now? Please don’t hasitate to contact us for the availability on external store. If there is no such product even on external store, then production and delivery can take from one up to three months. All necessary details we will gladly provide as soon as possible to your email.

Crystal Glasses Roman Tomy (6pc)

– best selling product –
465 EUR

One of our traditional designs is Tomy. Especially cutted into this noble wine Roman glasses makes this set so splendid. Beautiful ruby red color brings fine energy and passion.

Crystal Champagne Flute Tomy

– New Product –
435 EUR

Crystal Champagne Flute Tomy is the latest offer in our Glasses collection. Great champagne also deserves great glasses. Color set is a speciality of our production. And these glasses are for manufacturing proccess the most demanding. We are one of the very few glass factories worldwide to produce such unique sets.

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