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Crystal Whiskey Sets

 The trend of the strong and experienced man is the quality and excellent whiskey. The right one and maturing for three or more years deserves attention. We offer you the opportunity to treat it with respect to its excellent taste. In our store you’ll find high quality crystal sets made with precision and respect for the great whiskey.

Are you searching for wedding or birthday gift ? Nothing original coming to your mind ? Want something unique ?

All our prices are excluding VAT. After applying your delivering address amount for shipping will be added. Please be welcome and use our currency switcher according your country. We have many crystalware on our stock, but don’t hasitate to contact us before placing order in case of backorder. It can take from 2 weeks up to 3 months. We can provide all necessary information linked to product up to 24h. Production is also very flexible according color, size and shape and you have space to place backorder based on your wish.

Crystal Whiskey set Paula

– Best selling product –
355 EUR

Traditional, very fresh and sought after design. Diverse decor delivers precision and sparkle in every cut.

Crystal Whiskey set Poem

– Latest product –
305 EUR

Poem presents a subtle and clear style suitable just for admirers of transparent crystal. Combined with black, your whiskey gives you strength and dominance.

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