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High-quality bohemian crystal bowls

made by the best masters in the worldly famous Czech glass industry.

Bohemian crystal glasses

made by the best masters in the worldly famous Czech crystal glass industry.

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Our bohemia crystal glass 

Bohemia Crystal Glasses

Bohemia Crystal Glasses


Crystal Bowls

Bohemia Crystal Bowls


Crystal Vases

Bohemia Crystal Vases


Bohemia crystal cremation urns

Bohemia Crystal Cremation Urns


Bohemia Crystal whiskey set

Bohemia Crystal Whiskey Sets


Crystal perfume flacons

Bohemia Crystal Perfume Flacons

Crystal comport

Bohemia Crystal Comport


Crystal decorations

Bohemia Crystal Decoration


High-quality bohemia crystal 

About us

Welcome to our website, where we offer certified bohemia crystal glass art made in central Czechia. Gulet crystal offers the most impressive and unique crystal designs.

In a time of rapidly evolving technologies, we like to point out a unique art, handcrafted and created by human talent. Czech crystal (lead glass) is an important concept in the world of applied arts for many reasons. The long tradition of this craft in Czech history has brought not only many technological inventions but also novel artistic approaches to well-known techniques.

The History of glassworks

Our glassworks is a continuation of the quality crystal manufacturing tradition of the Josefodol glassworks. It was established in 1861 by Viennese businessman Josef Schreiber.

We also like to mention here the worldly renowned engineer Karel Bačík. He is known as Charles Bacik who is the founder of Waterford Crystal glassworks in Ireland. Charles Bacik worked in Josefodol glassworks as a head manager of the company before world war II. The factory is located in the charming valley of the Bohemian and Moravian Highlands.

Manufacturing of the crystal

Our company specializes in manufacturing colorful cased high-quality bohemia crystal glass with over 24% PbO (lead oxide) content. It is made by connecting a layer of clear crystal and a layer of colorful crystal at temperatures around 800°C.

The spectacular results of this manufacturing process require the talent of the best and most skillful glassmakers. And we have them all under our roof. The demand for artisanal production is also evidenced by the fact that no method has yet been invented to allow machine production.

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